Project Bag2pia+

Project Bag2pia+

Actually, before the idea of Bag2pia came out, the Project Bag2pia+ was the very first thing that I wanna make it into the market.

It is a plan on helping those customers who wanna build their dreams here at Bag2pia land. That means, once you got an idea or concept of what you want, Bag2pia team will help you make it be designed first and then into prototyping for your testing and comments to make it improved till you are satisfied...

Over the past years, we noticed that more and more customers are just postponed the cooperation with their suppliers cause they are not able to handle the designing work themselves or their trusted suppliers. And this way, and this time, we build the bridge and bring this service to you, with our domestic designers team as well as some of our contracted foreign designers for your choice. And make it be: You Describe, We Design!

In another way, this project is also a way to offer chances for designers who wanna make it be a part-time job and help people to achieve their dreams. We already have some excellent worldwide designers and teams who are interested in this project and wanna be part of us. And we will never stop to welcome more and more of you who love this and partcipate in this project.

For all further details on this or any questions with this project, please feel free to connect with Bag2pia Team directly via or leave message to us...